Sunday, October 19, 2014

One Year Anniversary

Today is the one year anniversary of the best day of our lives!  Spending the day celebrating and reminiscing on the 5 1/2 years that brought us to this day...

Friday, October 10, 2014

Throwback Thursday (on Friday): My Best Friend

I started this yesterday (hence, Throwback Thursday), but got too tired and my eyes hurt extremely bad (the joys of narcolepsy and a life on stimulants!)

Anyways, this weekend we are celebrating my best friend's bachelorette party and I can't wait! Since we are heading to Playa del Carmen for the wedding in just 3 weeks, we are staying in Dallas for her last fling.

For those that don't know, I met Cara at the end of my senior year when we both made the Texas Tech Pom Squad.  At that time, I was still very, very shy and Cara is very outgoing.  After our practice, she went back to her mom and told her she thought we would probably be best friends.  I went back and told my mom "I don't think I like that Cara girl very much!" (That's so mean - but she intimidated me!)  Thank goodness she was the one that was right.

Not only were we on the Pom Squad together (where we spent every day at an appearance, practice, or game) - we also lived together, went out together, and scheduled all the same classes together.  We were pretty much inseparable.  When I was little, I always prayed for a sister.  God answered my prayers in college.

To celebrate Cara, I've put together some of my favorite pictures from the past 9 years of our friendship.  Some are embarrassing (I went through a very awful phase of cutting my hair short), some make me smile so big, and some make me want to cry (because I wish we could go back and live some of those days all over again). Cara has been a part of most of my all-time favorite memories.   I am so honored to be her bridesmaid and I know standing by her side as she marries the man of her dreams will be included as a favorite life moment!

Love you Cara Tits!

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Wedding Recap: Showers and Bachelorette Party

With Cara's Bachelorette Party coming up this weekend, I figured it would be the perfect time to share some special memories from my wedding showers and Bachelorette Party.

Our very 1st shower was our couples shower, which was hosted by some of my family's best friends - Paula, Diana, and Debra (we call her Bubba).  It was held in Paula and Bill's beautiful backyard - I dream of having a backyard like their's someday!  It was the perfect shower and I was so happy to have Mark by my side because I get super uncomfortable during these types of things.  Am I the only one that find these extremely awkward? I don't know what it is about opening gifts in front of people, but it makes me profusely sweat (TMI) and feel like I am going to throw up.  And I can only get so excited about baking sheets or a chip and dip bowl.  For this shower, the only thing Mark made me promise was no games...Oops!  Luckily, it was just one and it was short and simple and he was a trooper.

My 2nd shower was hosted by three of my mom's best friends - who I also consider my friends!  I LOVE Colleen, Patsy and Mary!  This was a classic wedding shower - beautiful decorations, great food, lots of love and awkward present opening.  I felt so special that so many wonderful ladies would come to celebrate with me.

My 3rd shower was hosted by my wonderful mother-in-law and her friend, Sandy.  It was so nice getting to meet all of Barbara's friends and also spend the day with some of my new family.  Unfortunately, I didn't get any pictures at this shower, but again was so spoiled by such sweet and thoughtful gifts for Mark and I.

For my Bachelorette Party - my bridesmaids and a few of my other favorite people headed to Austin for the weekend.  Cara, my maid of honor, did such an awesome job coordinating everything.  After a few cocktails and getting ready for the night, we started with my lingerie shower.  My friends know me so well and I definitely got plenty of leopard print!

After the shower, we headed to a Mexican restaurant on 6th street (that I can't remember the name of for the life of me).

We had our own little section of the restaurant, which was oddly covered in super provocative pictures.  Jokingly, I meant to send one to Mark but ended up sending it to Andrew YOUNGER COUSIN!  I didn't realize it until he texted me back and then was so embarrassed!  Texting while drinking is never a good idea!

From there we headed out to West 6th and went to a few different bars.  That dang sash got me WAY too many shots.  I don't drink often and that night was a perfect example why.  I cannot even stand the smell of Fireball anymore.

 Before getting to Austin, we thought we were geniuses and bought a ton of these little drinks that promise no hang over.  No Ho's = No Work.  I woke up the next morning thinking I felt just fine and throughout breakfast death slowly took over.

We spent Saturday at Barton Springs Pool, which is a great place for people watching.  Let me just tell you though - trying to blow up floats when your head is on the verge of exploding is not the most fun experience.

That night we headed to dinner at a really cool spot - Second Bar + Kitchen.  I really liked this spot.  We headed to Rainey Street afterwards.  After the strangest little concert (filled with glitter and confetti and a really sleepy drugged out keyboard player), I decided that I could no longer hang and Andrea and I took a pedi cab back to the hotel.

The weekend was great, but definitely showed me I am no longer in college and can no longer take shots!

I can't wait to spend this weekend with my best friends celebrating Cara!  Less than a month until we head to Playa del Carmen for her wedding!!

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

It's Fall Y'all #1

I cannot get over the fact that it is October! I know everyone is saying it, but seriously...where has this year gone?  In just over 2 weeks, Mark and I will have been married for a year. So crazy!  To kick off my favorite time of the year, I am joining two of my favorite girls Jordan and Jeannette for the "It's Fall Y'all" Challenge.

What's the challenge?  30 Fall related posts by December 1st!  We will be sharing recipes, decor, outfits, etc.  Well let's be real...I will not be sharing recipes since I am probably the worst cook in the history of this earth (poor Mark), but anyways...

For my first Fall post, I am sharing one of my favorite things - my Fall TV line-up.  I'm not gonna lie - I am a little bit of a TV junkie.  I love coming home from work and relaxing on the couch and catching up on my DVR!  Here are a few of my must-watch shows:

Dancing with the Stars: I haven't kept up with the last few seasons, but have gotten into it again this year despite a pretty D List cast.  While it is no So You Think You Can Dance, I love that they are including more contemporary styles and throwing in some non-ballroom trained pros, including one of my all-time favorite dancer's - Allison Holker.  I secretly wish I could throw on one of their sassy costumes and do a little cha-cha, but my dancing days are long gone!  The only thing that KILLS me about this show? Erin Andrews. Y'all...she is just so awful!  I have to fast forward through her sections because she makes me feel so uncomfortable and embarrassed when she is interviewing the celebrities and attempting funny come backs. Oh really just makes me cringe!  My favorites this year: Sadie Roberston and Janel Parrish (from Pretty Little Liars!)

Nashville: Nashville is hit or miss for me, but I can't help but watch it every season.  During the first episode I was definitely paying more attention on how they were trying to cover Hayden Panettiere's pregnancy than the actual story line.  I am Team Rayna and Deacon and am not interested in Luke Wheeler one little bit.  To be honest, I really just wish Rayna would turn into Tami Taylor and head on back to Dillon with Coach Taylor.  (I am re-watching Friday Night Lights for the 2nd time this year. I just love it. #cleareyesfullheartcantlose)

(Me too Tami Rayna...bring on some more Tim Riggins)

Grey's Anatomy: This show just doesn't get old for me.  I've watched it from the beginning and it just has me hooked.  Andrea (my brother's girlfriend) loves it just as much - I always look forward catching up with her on the show.  I don't think I'm gonna like Yang being gone - she's Meredith's person for God's sake - but kinda love that Karev is taking her place as Mer's BFF!  Although I've grown to love the newer cast members - I don't know if it will ever beat the original.  Definitely looking forward to this season though!

Scandal: Tell me you haven't watched the show and dreamed of being Olivia Pope for at least a day! The girl is a bada**. (Like in a battle - Olivia vs. Beyonce - Olivia wins hands my book anyways) I don't love her home-wrecking ways, but she just fascinates me and I can't get enough of this show! I wish her stylist could come dress me - her outfits are always on point.  (But let's be real though...I dress more like Poor Mellie in the midst of her breakdown.  Bless her.) Olivia also loves her some wine - I feel like we could really bond over that.  Who do you want her to end up with? Jake or Fitz?!

(that's my kind of dinner)

Revenge: Last but not least...Revenge!  I binge watched the first 2 seasons on Netflix and was hooked.  I feel like this needs to be the last season because I don't want it to start trying to stretch too much and become too weird, but for now - bring on some Emily Thorne.  I loved Emily VanCamp in Brothers and Sisters, which is one of the reasons I even started watching this show.  She is actually dating her castmate - Josh Bowman (Daniel Grayson) - who is the biggest jerkhead imaginable on the show.  I feel like I wouldn't be able to separate the two, but I guess that's why I am not an actress.

Those are just a few of my favorite shows on the Fall TV lineup, but I'll go ahead and stop there before I share others that would embarrass Mark (and should probably embarrass me, but don't care!) for other's to know about! 

What are you watching this Fall?

Monday, September 29, 2014

Not Quite What I Planned

This weekend was supposed to be spent celebrating Cara and Michael at their Couple Shower and then heading to Phoenix for an event for my favorite client.  Things didn't quite go how I planned...

On Tuesday, I woke up with a sore throat and stuffy nose.  I figured I was just getting a bit of a cold.  I had a z-pack called in and knew I would kick whatever it was by the weekend.  Throughout the day, I started feeling worse and worse.  Before I knew it, I had chills, a fever, body aches...the whole nine yards.  Despite not feeling well himself, my sweet husband ran to the store to get more cold/flu medicine. After drugging myself up and eating some ramen noodles, I was in bed by 6:30.  I couldn't remember the last time I felt so bad.

I woke up the next morning and immediately knew that this wasn't just a little cold.  That is also when the headache set in.  Anytime I moved or got up to walk around, it felt like I was getting knocked in the head with a baseball bat.  No matter what medicine I took - I couldn't shake the headache.

After a few days and a lot of rest, the other symptoms slowly by surely started to get better besides the headache.  My head was actually getting worse each day.  Luckily, my mom works at a doctors office so I have access to medicine when I need it.  She dropped off some Bupap after work and after several hours of that not working - they called in hydrocodone.  My head hurt so bad at this point, Mark and I decided that if my head wasn't better in the morning - I probably needed to go see a doctor.

I woke up Saturday and oh my goodness - the headache had spread to my entire head (before it was concentrated to the back right side).  I couldn't move or walk without screaming in pain.  (And I have to say I have a pretty high pain tolerance.)  I tend to push through those types of things, but I knew something wasn't right.  My mom called me right as I was waking up and she could tell it was worse than the night before.  She picked me up and took me straight to the ER.

Once I arrived, they started me on an IV mix of Benadryl and some other drug that I can't remember.  They assumed it wasn't a migraine because I wasn't sensitive to light, but they didn't want to start me on too much without knowing the cause.  It made me so cold and I was shivering so badly.  (ER's need thicker blankets!) From there, they took me in for a CT Scan.  Try laying still when you are shivering uncontrollably!  Luckily, the benadryl had kicked in a bit and that mixed with my narcolepsy allowed me to fall asleep while they were prepping the CT Scan and I slept right through it.  While they were waiting for the CT Scan results, they started me on Morphine, which didn't help at all.  The doctors decided at that point to do a spinal tap to eliminate meningitis, aneurysm, West Nile, etc.

A spinal tap is performed by sticking a huge needle in between two vertebrae in your spine to collect fluid.  I ended up having to do this 3 times.  The first two times, the numbing shots had not numbed my back enough.  And it hurt. so. bad.  Mark and my mom were in the room with me at this time. Mark was so sweet and held my hand and my poor mom couldn't watch.  I can't even describe the pain of the first two attempts besides that I was seconds away from getting sick.  While we waited for the results, they put me on an IV of Demerol.

Luckily, the spinal tap came back clear.  From the CT Scan, the doctor advised that the virus I had earlier in the week had gone up into my sinuses and along with some major neck spasms - it was causing really bad tension headaches.

I left that evening and was told to switch between Motrin and Hydrocodone every few hours until I felt better.  Two days later, my head is still hurting off and on and my back hurts so badly from the spinal tap.  I'm so thankful it wasn't something more serious, but I pray to never, ever experience that pain (from both the headache and spinal tap) ever again.

In church, we've been going through 1 Peter and I am so thankful, as it focuses on trials and history will show - I don't always handle trials so well.  This weekend certainly didn't go as planned.  It was draining, painful, and scary at times.  It completely ruined my plans (which I hate!!!).  But it did make me even more thankful for my husband and my mom, who took the best care of me (seriously - they were AMAZING).  And it allowed me to spend a weekend on the coach with Mark.  Even though we didn't feel good, I loved spending every second with him.  It's these moments that instill in me that God's plan is much better than my own.

Thank you to all my sweet friends and family that have reached out to Mark and me to check in.  We appreciate your thoughtfulness and prayers!

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Throwback Thursday: Tyler Rooskie

This week's Throwback Thursday is dedicated to my big brother, Tyler!  This will just thrill him to pieces...Not!  Tyler does not necessarily share my love of old pictures and videos (There is an old video of us dancing to my Barbie tape that he hid so we couldn't share with Andrea, which is so sad. I'd die if I could post it on here - it was a true gem.). But that's just too bad. Tyler moved to Austin this week - so in his honor, I am sharing lots of old pictures and memories of my big bro.

I rarely refer to Tyler by his name (If you don't know this already - I am a nickname person.  You know I really love you if I have a nickname for you).  To me - he is Rooskie (Roo for short), which he really, really hates. (I don't care.)  When we were younger, my uncle substituted Georgie Porgie with Tyler Rooskie (you know - Tyler Rooskie, Puddin' and Pie, Kissed the girls and made them cry, When the boys came out to play, Tyler Rooskie ran away) and it stuck.  Feel free to call him Rooskie next time you see him!

Ty and I are 17 months a part.  For the most part, we got along pretty good when we were younger. We were partners in crime when it came to tormenting our baby sitters. Roo also gave me one of my first haircuts.  During this time of our lives, Rooskie sported a really awesome spiky mullet.  It was awesome.

Hellllo chunk

When we were younger, Tyler was very shy and I was very outgoing (to say the least).  My mom used to be so worried about Tyler that she would go and watch him from the parking lot during recess to see if he played with anyone. (This would later significantly change!)  Tyler always had to have a toy in his hand.  Once, one of my mom's best friends took us to the dollar store and told us we could pick out whatever we wanted...I got 3 rolls of tape and Tyler got a tire gauge.

Tyler and I were extremely picky eaters growing up (Thus the multiple chins I'm sporting in the pictures above - my favorite meal was Cheetos and a Coke).  One time, we were eating rice and some of the grains were black.  I'd never eaten wild rice or seen this before, so I asked Ty what it was.  He told me to "show her" - meaning for me to ask my mom.  I thought he was saying it was called a show her, so I went on to tell my parents there were show hers in my rice.  From that point on, I've always called "weird" foods - show hers.

Model Rooskie

To Tyler's dismay, my mom always loved to dress us the same.  She would continue to try to do this for Christmas pictures as we got older.  Tyler finally had to put his foot down.  Tyler is very particular about his clothes.  I warn you - do not EVER go shopping with Tyler. It very well may be the absolute most tortuous process in the entire world.  And after you've spent 10.5 hours watching him try on approximately 5 whole outfits - he's done and not willing to wait 10 minutes for you to look at something for yourself.

Once Tanner came along, Roo and I shared a room and slept in bunk beds.  For a period of time, Tyler decided it was appropriate to wake me up in the morning by punching me in the nose.  This went on until I sneezed blood all over my shirt one morning and my mom discovered what he had been doing. Such a nice big brother...

When we moved to Coppell, we moved into a great neighborhood and met some of our best friends.  We spent our days playing kick the can, hide and seek, and flash light tag with the gang.  Braea and Addison Spurlock were our very best friends and we were constantly together.

 We went through a phase of playing WWE - we even had our own "ring" (a mattress).  We would jump off the 2nd floor balcony onto the mattress - how none of us broke a bone blows my mind.  Anyways - when we played wrestling, the boys decided Braea got to be Sable and they made me be Chyna.  It scarred me for life.

You will not get to see any pictures from our middle school/high school years.  My goodness - to say we went through an awkward phase is an understatement.  Tyler went through a really bad period of dying his hair "blonde" (aka yellow) and I was just flat out awful looking.  During these years, we really switched roles.  Tyler became super outgoing/life of the party and I was painfully, painfully shy.  I refer to these years as the Lost Years (because I wish they would just disappear from my memory).  I could also call them the years Roo let his friends take turns farting on me while I was sick on the coach or the years Tyler and his friends would hop in his car really fast and lock the doors so I had to walk home by myself or the years when Tyler would have parties at the house and make me cover for him.  (During one of these parties, I told Tyler I didn't feel very good - he gave me THREE Tylenol PMs!!!!  I was drowsy for days!)

Tyler and I have pretty much been banned from watching Texas Tech vs. Texas games together.  Some serious family fights have broken out during these games.  My senior year of college, Tyler came out to Lubbock for the game thinking he was going to get to rub a win in our face (Texas was ranked #3 at the time and a National Championship game looked to be in their future).

Lucky for us, Rooskie and Crabtree had different dreams.

At my wedding, I did a "first look" with my daddy and brothers.  When I came out, I might as well just have been wearing sweats by Tyler's reaction.  Jaime (my amazing photographer) gave him a hard time, which led to the first picture.  Typical Tyler...

Luckily, Tyler and I were born with some rythmn and did not get our parent's dancing skills. 

Tyler Rooskie - 
I am so lucky to have you as my big brother.  Even though we will miss you greatly, I am so proud of you for working so hard to get this job.  Enjoy every minute - you were made to live in Austin (you liberal weirdo! :-) )  I love you lots.  

Oh... and hurry up and propose to Andrea so she can officially be my sister.  I didn't throw my bouquet in her face for no reason...